How we work and how that works for you

“…Intercharge provide unbiased advice and often suggest we stay with other insurers when they consider we already have good policies. They review our policies on a regular basis and provide innovative ideas and options for our consideration…”

Intercharge doesn’t have templates we fill in, or insurer allies we pander to. We advocate for your business as if it were our one and only. All the knowledge we have about all your options comes into play. The package we create for you will respond to your needs precisely.

We don’t want to grow into a megalith that’s slow to respond to change. Being smaller makes us agile and nimble.

Doing our job means we understand your future plans, the associated risks and how you like to do business. Preparedness is everything and preparing for all possible outcomes keeps your business safe and our business successful. We believe that conflict’s life partner is resolution. That makes us good people for you to do business with and great people to have doing business for you.

“…It was like a lifesaver for a drowning man having you and your associates there to provide advice, guidance and assistance. At all times you have been approachable and contactable. At all times you have responded to queries with alacrity and impressive efficiency…”